Case studies and gallery of our work

Barrel roof - code 8 and 6
South Edwards Square, Kensington, London.
Annex roof over the dinning room, new build roof other work completed includes the lead hips and natural Welsh slated roof. Complete rood contract. Onsite project completed in under 8 weeks.

Cast lead work - sand cast lead
Private House, Wimbledon, London.
Refurbishment and repair work, detailed ornament reconstruction. Salvaged original features, and sand-cast reconstructed the parts beyond repair.

Tiled roof with lead dormers
Pinner, North London.
New build private house, with period details and high quality finishes such as the hand made clay tiles, dormer windows and cover and step flashings.

Flat Staggered roof
Chiswick, London.
Some more detail about construction, welds and finish.


Convex lead roofing - code 6
Conservatory in Enfield .
Created a convex lead roof for conservatory at private house installation.

Lead pitch roof
Clock house, Kensington, London.
A pitched lead roofing, bossed and lead welded with caps to ridges.


Slate roofing with lead hips - code 5
Kensington, London.
Completed with Welsh hand-made tiles, lead hips, lead back gutters and lead steps around the chimney stack.

Clockhouse - code 5
Moor Park, Hertfordshire.
Clock tower, vertical cladding with king wood roll.